Philosophy Statement

The staff of United Child Care Center, Inc. believes that children should have a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment in which to learn and grow. At the heart of the Center’s daily activities is learning which includes activities to promote growth in the cognitive, physical, social-emotional, self-help, and language domains. We believe that all children can and do learn when self-esteem and independence are fostered through the activities.

Play is essential to each day in the child’s life. All children are valued and treated equally. Activities include teaching children to value and appreciate all persons. Children learn how to engage with one another, including how to solve problems. We believe that the children should have daily opportunities to explore (e.g., look) their environment, both inside and outside; to listen to each other, to adults, and to literature and music; and to engage in movement through play, music, and other activities.We believe that assessment is an on-ongoing essential process.

Assessment occurs both informally on a daily basis and formally at key points. Families are apprised of their children’s progress and are key participants in the process.We believe that family support is integral to children’s success. We communicate daily with families regarding their children’s daily and overall progress. Families are included in the ongoing assessment of their children. Finally, families are welcome to participate in Center activities.